Never use PureSync

It is not often that I find it important to write any warnings, but I started to use the program PureSync (version 2.8.1)  from Jumping Bytes Software. At first it seemed as a really good idea. The free version could react on file changed and push a new copy to a “sync dir” and it even could delay deletions for a while to be able to access a file which should not have been deleted for a while.

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Funny Coincidence

I was sitting reading TechCrunch today and suddenly I just had to stop. There, on the TechCrunch page, was a funny sign talking about taking the air out of the tires

I don’t know what it has to do with net neutrality, but what made me stop was a picture we took in New York when we were there in 2008. Sure it is NY and anyone can post a picture which TC can used, so it is maybe not really that unlikely, but I still find if funny that they happened to use the same motive.

Not the same angle, but if this is not the same sign I’ll be more than amazed.

TechChrunch Air will be taken out of tires

Google Voice and PBX

Many people are interested in using Google Voice together with a software PBX and there is an option. Google Voice let you forward your voice to a gmail chat account (the one with the same user id as Google Voice). Now this is interesting as with the right software you can integrate it via the Jabber/Xmpp.

PBXes has done it and there is talk that Asterisk 1.8 will do it 🙂

I’ve not tried any of them, but it sure sounds good ….

Strange IT politics

Ever since the net was new I have failed to understand that Denmark rejects to use a common suffix (like eg. or whatever they like) for all sites published and maintained by the government. So is a part of the government? What about Ok they are not difficult, but what about and Which one do you think is from the government?

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