Still in the spirit of re-publishing some of my old information you can here find my VCL components. I last coded on this back in 2001 on Delphi 3 (afik) – you can download them and use them, but I can not help you with upgrading to newer versions of Delphi.

mdApps, IcmpApi, mdDrop, mdTray, mdMailSlot, mdSMS, mdURLLabel, mdSWLock, CompDate


Delphi 2.0 & 3.0mdApps Demo


2K (src.)

Apps ver. 1.0 (4K) (100498) (FW src.)

This is a file contaning two classes (TmdApp & TmdTrayApp) which in itself is two small applications, which I use when I want to create small applications without using TApplication and TForm classes. The one class is a generic class with a window handle and messages dispatched to the class. The other class is a tray class, which I use when I want to create small tray applications. The tray class have functions to control the tray icon, and create the popup menu used over the tray.


Delphi 2.0 & 3.0Icmp Demo


3K (src.)

IcmpApi (3K) (300198) (FW src.)

This file is a transmation of the header files icmpapi.h and ipexport.h from Microsoft, and used for sending a Ping from a Delphi program.

See my Icmp Info page for further information.



Delphi 2.0 & 3.0Drop Demo


2K (src.)

Drop ver 1.2 (6K) (240398) (FW src.)

The TmdDrop component offer the ability to accept drap’n’drop’s from explore. With this component you are able to make a form accept drag’n’drop’s or one or more windows – all at the same time.

The component is build over a component called TmdMsgComponent. This component gives the ability to hook into the message stream (and react to these messages) of another window (ex. your mainform) without having to change the component. In this way the TmdDrop component can work together with any existing component with a handle.New : TmdTray and TmdDrop is now using the same TmdMsgComponent class.

Note : The TmdMsgComponent (version 1.2) is included in the zip file.



Delphi 2.0 & 3.0Tray Demo


2K (src.)

Tray ver 1.4 (8K) (190898) (FW src.)

The TmdTray component can add a icon in the tray – just like so many others. The reasons that I started on this component anyway, was:

  1. The tray component which I were using were not able to update the icon in the tray, when I have changed it. Not even via a procedure call after the icon were changed. I desided that I wanted to make a tray component which easy could change the icon in the tray.
  2. I have created a TmdMsgComponent, which were able to hook into the message stream for any window, and it this way able to hook into the message stream for a form (on what the component must be createt).

New : In Version 1.4 I have added support for more than one tray component on one form.

Note : The TmdMsgComponent (version 1.2) is included in the zip file.



Delphi 2.0, 3.0 & 4.0MailSlot Demo


2K (src.)

WinPopup Demo


3K (src.)

SecureMail Demo


2K (src.)

Binary Demo


2K (src.)

MailSlot ver 1.15 (17k) (210498) (FW src.) (ReadMe)

With the components and functions in this package, you can send “messages” from one program to another, when you know the name of the mailslot which the other program supplies.

The TmdMailSlot component gives a possiblity to supplying a mailslot for other programs to write to, and the SendToMailSlot function gives a client the option of writing in to the mailslot.

The messages can be send from one Win95/NT machine to another, or to all machines in a domain, which have the same mailslot open.

From version 1.1 it also includes a TmdWinPopup component, for recieving and/or sending standard messages over a Windows network.

For more information about mailslots and WinPopup messages, see my page about the WinPopup program.After several request for a demo program (three), and one who could not make the TmdWinPopup work – you can now download demo programs from here.

New : In version 1.15 tw memory leaks is removed – Thanks Don.

A lot have changed in version 1.12! First of all is the basic structure now more binary-message friendly :-), and beside this two new components (and more classes) are added. TmdSafeMail is a component doing basically the same as TmdSecureMail, but with a binary header instead of an ASCII header (reducing the header size to the half). Another new component is TmdLongMail. This component make it possible to send messages to domains and single machines with a length up to 65532 bytes.

Please see the source for a compleate list of changes, and the ReadMe.txt for a mini FAQ etc.



Delphi 1.0

SMS Component ver 1.0 (31K) (180397) (SW)

Now I have a Delphi 1.0 component avalible, which can give you the possibility to send Short Messages (SMS) to GSM mobil phones (cell phones). It gives you all the functionality you need for sending messages. Just drag a component on to you form, select you modems port, set the recievers mobile number and type in a message via the TStrings property propertyeditor. Now all you need to do is to call the function “Send” from anywere in your program – easy isn’t it?

Price : 500,- DKK (Danish Kr.) incl. 25% moms/VAT (are you a company in another european contry, then you can get it for 400,- DKK excl. moms/VAT).Take a look at my SMService page for a list of ERMES/UCP gateways, through which you can send messages.



Delphi 2.0

URLLabel Demo


2K (src.)

URL Label ver 1.2 (5k) (051197) (FW src.)

The TmdURLLabel is a label, which can look like a web link (including a web-hand as cursor) for http:// and mailto: prefixes. When a user clicks on the link, it also launches the default web browser on the page (the URL written by the label) or tries to send a e-mail (to the e-mail adresse written in the label) via MAPI.BTW: Dennis Powers were so nice to inform me (and now you) that you also can send a fax (when a MAPI fax service is installed) with the mailto: sequence “mailto:[fax:number]” – ex. mailto:[fax:12345678] sends a fax to 12345678.

In version 1.2 it offers the URL as hint, for showing in a statusbar.



Delphi 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0

ShareWare Lock ver 1.2 (132k) (261097) (FW)

This module is FreeWare on a need-to-know basis!.

This package contains a VCL lock, which when it is included in a VCL as a property will prevent a program from running when Delphi not is running, if the VCL not is registered.

The package also gives you the option of creating your own registration forms.Files for Delphi 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0


Delphi 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0

Compiled Date Expert ver 1.3 (5k) (261097) (FW src.)

This expert creates a unit called CompDate.PAS, containing a constant decleration in the interface section, which can be threated as a TDateTime type variabel, and gives the date when Delphi were started.

The “fake” expert should be installed via your DELPHI.INI (Dephi 1.0) or the registration database (Delphi 2.0 & 3.0), and setup via a CompDate.INI file (Delphi 1.0) located in the same dirictory as the CompDate.DLL or the registration database (Delphi 2.0 & 3.0).Supports both Delphi 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 with the same sourcecode

A help file to COMM.ZIP. (9k) (090996) (FW)

Made by me 🙂 (Bad english)


Delphi 1.0

A COM port component. (9k) (NOT FROM HERE)

Simple but easy.
This program is not mine but Fred Bulback’s – I love it.



Delphi 1.0

A DLL Expert (192k) (120996) (FW)

This DLL expert is free for use, and I will come up with a real version some day in the future, but so far you may use this one – it is working! (if you detect any problems I’ll gladly hear from you, I just don’t take any responsibility for crashes etc.).



Delphi 1.0

Visual Dartboard. (4k)
(090995) (FW src.)
A component which shows a dartboard on the screen, and have a
OnPointsChanged event, which can be used for showing the points (at the place
where the mouse is).

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