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Felix bed malfunction

The other evening I was leaning on the ”stick” we use for the outer side of Felix’ bed and it said .. crash! Well, it broke. Duct tape made it back to one piece, but after a few evenings it was not straight any longer – more like a hockey stick – and as a result Felix fell out of bed one night while sleeping! Oops!

Since then we have used the aluminum supporter for the awning. This means, that we can not fully extend the awning while Felix’s bed is build, but we usually don’t do that anyway.  Mostly we just roll it out a bit (shade or sleeping Felix, our choice of the day J)

Introducing roadtrip

Some of you already know that we’ll be doing a roadtrip through the US this summer. Starting this July we’ll be traveling in our ’95 Roadtrek between many national parks, cities and other more or less random points of interest which we have selected over the last year. We have planned to travel for “about four months” with some fixed points and a lot of flexibility in our plans, but we do expect the trip to be about 13,000 miles / 21.000 km (or maybe 1000 gallons or 3800 liter of gas – you can pick your fuel price, but currently the US average price for a gallon of regular is $4.07).


We selected the point of interest by taking out a map of the US and started to make red crosses where we wanted to see things. This was interesting, and while we sure can see a lot in four months, it was still a too much to just go and see!! Most notable [for Martin] we dropped Alaska and Glaciers National Park as that would have been a lot more driving and even in four months you cannot see it all.

 We narrowed down the list to:


Supai · Grand Canyon · Zion · Bryce · Capitol Reef · Mesa Verde · Black Canyon · Great Sand Dunes · Pike’s Peek · Denver · Rocky Mountain · Grand Teaton · Yellowstone · Mt. Rushmore · Des Moins · Chicago · Cleveland · Niagara Falls · Boston ·Cape Cod · New York · Washington DC · Blue Ridge Parkway · Charleston · Savannah · Miami · Key West · Biscayne · Everglades · Disney World · Panama City · New Orleans · Austin · Big Bend · White Sands · Saguaro



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