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Clam Chowder

We actually managed to find some clams at a decent price, so here comes the recipie for San Francsco style Clam Chowder. Well, it probably really is a Boston Clam Chowder but with a San Francisco twist (a sourdough bread bowl).

200 g Canned clams, cooked and chopped (dry weight)
250 g Bacon, diced
300 g Potatoes, diced
1 L Milk
2   Onions, diced
1   Bayleaf

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Salt and Pepper chips

In the US we loved to buy Salt and Pepper chips (krinkle cut) from Kettle Foods. We often bought them at Whole Foods if we were going to have a nice “beer and chips” before dinner or just hang in front of the TV in the evening.

The other day in Kaufhof we found the same, just not krinkle cut, and just had to have them … sorry … they just did not taste at all.
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Rye Bread

For all your Danish expats who miss your rye bread and do not find any rye sourdough starter – or for others who just would like an easy ryebread recipie.

700 g   Rye flour
100 g   Pumpkin seeds
100 g   Sunflower seeds
1 tsp   Salt
1 bottle   Beer, lukewarm
250 ml   Buttermilk
250 ml   Water, lukewarm
1 envelope
(~2 1/4 tsp)
    Sugar to bloom the yeast
    Oatmeal for decoration

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Chili Peppers and Clams

After moving to Denmark we have got some food problems!! Yes food problems. It seems almost impossible to get fresh Anaheim (or New Mexico) Chili and Poblano Chili – two of our favorite “vegetables” 😉 .. and canned clams, hard clams, for making Clam Chowder (San Francisco style naturally).

Clams we probably can get fresh (have not tried yet) or maybe in Germany, where the itailan (yes they use them too) food sources are more readily avalible.