Road Food

Nearly everybody who knows Sabine and me also knows that food means a lot to us. We like to try different kinds of food, we like to cook food and we probably also talk more about food than most people.

Some have asked us, when you were on the road trip – what did you eat? Could you cook in the van?

I do not have any great cooking pictures, but we had a two burner gas stove and no microwave, but I thought I would tell you about some of our favorite food anyway.

Indoor cooking usually limited itself to something “easy”, like Green Chili Stew.


It is no surprise that when you camp you also use the BBQ a lot. We had bought a small gas BBQ for $30 at OSH which uses these small $5 gas containers – each container was good for about 2½ meals.


We have grilled lamb chops, shrimps, sausages, quesadillas and … believe it … a pizza on it. Ok, the first pizza was not so good, but the second was a bit better and the third was actually pretty good. BBQs are also good to warm the tortillas et al.


To the meat we often got something easy, like roast potatoes and corn on the cob. If you do not feel like peeling and boiling potatoes, and since you do not have an oven, it is easy to cook things like couscous or rice (one of our favorites variations is coconut rice .. boil rice, chopped onions, salt, peppercorns and turmeric in coconut milk – be careful that it does not boil over)

One of the better things we made was “Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi Tuna” – instead of the oven we used the BBQ to finish it in .. and oh yeah, we did that with a view over the Great Sand Dunes.


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