Chives fields

Everybody knows the Lavender fields of France, but I bet you didn’t know about the Chives fields of Denmark which are just as pretty.

In Middelfart, Denmark, are some these pretty purple chives fileds where they grow chives for seeds.

Driving home across Funen, Denmark, we stopped at this beautiful field of Chives. Chives are grown for seeds and the flowers are super pretty. I had read, on Facebook, about a field close to the highway. It was almost 8pm, the light was great, but the kids were going to go to school in the morning and we still had 2 hours of driving to get home.

I could not 100% recall where the field was, so it took a bit of driving around, so we were at the field just a couple of minutes past 8pm. Sunset is shortly before 10pm, this time of year, but there were many low clouds from recent rain. The clouds make the light look so much better, but I could see they were going to hide the sun for me soon.

I quickly found the most obvious composition, with my regular lense (28-75), and took a few good pictures. I switched to the wide angle, but just 6 minutes after the first photo the light was gone. I got some nice pictures, but none with the light and colors I had in the beginning. 

To me, the light makes all the difference.