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Sticky notes in the browser

I’m still wondering why I never seen a web browser with a good sticky note feature. Opera, Google, FireFox and IE all are “pretty good browsers”, but all lack this feature and so far I’ve not seen an add-on doing this.

Basically I wish I would have a sticky note option to which I could add a note to the Internet and see this as I browser. I could add a note to a web page and next time I get to this page I will see the note pop up. Maybe the note is more general about the website and I could maybe have added it to the server and it  will show up the next time I enter this server again.

The advanced Sticky Note would be a note on a subject. I’m looking to buy a new harddisk and start to research the subject. As I research I write notes down “stuck” to the manufactor model number. At 3am I go to bed and next week I’ll try again … I start to look at disks and when a webpage as the model number I’ll see my notes related to it.

Anyone? Why do we not have this?