Hmm what should I tell, you don’t want to know anything anyway .. or am I wrong?

OK you will get some facts, after all you are reading this. My name is Martin Djernæs and I’m a software engineer from Denmark, who is married to a lovely German wife, Sabine (her blog, her company), and have two sons – Felix and Luca.

This web site is a vent for me .. I’ll mostly write stuff about my hobbies (family, running, photography, food and tech) .. you might even find the occasional posts about work related items.

I graduated from the Technical college of Odense (in Denmark) with a Bachelor in Computer Science back in 1997. Since then I worked in Germany (Höft und Wessel / Alcatel ke) for 4 years and in California (Cisco) for 8 years. I went back to Denmark in 2009 and started to work for Siemens here. I has been doing quite a bit of different things all the way from PC/Delphi programming, embedded assembler, C and a bit of C++. I’ve been software development manager and project manager (and I took Advanced Project Management at Stanford University) – Linked in is probably the best place for the gory details. View Martin Djernæs's profile on LinkedIn

Stuff I’ve been having a heavy hand in:

You might also find my name on a few IETF drafts.

In my “early days” I was writing quite a bit of Delphi stuff and there are still versions of some my components out there. I do not have them here on the web site, but if you want the code send me a message. The two most interesting components was probably:

  • TmdMaiSlot / TmdWinPopup (mail slot component for WinPopup messaging)
  • TmdSMS (Send a SMS message via the ERMES protocol)

About 2001 I took up photography as a hobby and though our 8 years in the US I’ve managed to get quite a few decent pictures – I’ll spare you the details of these on this page but you will find them around on the pages.

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