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Google cast for audio

Back in September 2013 I was in the US for work and got myself a Chromecast dongle. You know this neat little thing that sits behind the TV and let you watch internet content on the TV. Way better than the “smart” TV features and I really appreciate using it to watch thing on the big screen.


Today Google announced Google Cast for Audio and I’m really happy that Google is not abandoning like they have done with Google TV and Nexus Q. On the other hand the Chromecast concept is a typical Google product – two years down the road it’s still not a full complete product. It’s slow in starting up. It’s often loosing the network and I regularly need to give it first aid by rebooting it or the computer I use for casting from. Sometimes it work like charm and other times it’s stuttering like an old Ford T.
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I have now for a few years had a VPS at SpotVPS and while I have a few issue here and there with the vps reboots, their service is second to none. You post a question in their ticket system and they respond faster than you can even imagine. They always resolve any issue right away, no hassle. Kudos to them.

If you need a VPS, go give them a try …

Chrome Cast via Chrome

I got this awesome chromecast thing (picked it up at bestbuy) and wanted to re-broadcast shows to my tv, which I otherwise would watch on the laptop or by connecting the laptop via an hdmi cable.

It works, and the idea is really great. Looks like youtube works really well, but that was not the idea. Re-broadcasting via the laptop sometimes result in a bit sluggish video and blurred pictures. Granted it works, but it is not as good as using the hdmi cable.

My first thought was, well chromecast is over wify – mybe my connbection, but I strongly doubt it as if the a laptop is on the ethernet connection it is exactly the same. So I still like the little dongle, but I’m not sure I will use it much .. I wish it was better in this respect.

Sticky notes in the browser

I’m still wondering why I never seen a web browser with a good sticky note feature. Opera, Google, FireFox and IE all are “pretty good browsers”, but all lack this feature and so far I’ve not seen an add-on doing this.

Basically I wish I would have a sticky note option to which I could add a note to the Internet and see this as I browser. I could add a note to a web page and next time I get to this page I will see the note pop up. Maybe the note is more general about the website and I could maybe have added it to the server and it  will show up the next time I enter this server again.

The advanced Sticky Note would be a note on a subject. I’m looking to buy a new harddisk and start to research the subject. As I research I write notes down “stuck” to the manufactor model number. At 3am I go to bed and next week I’ll try again … I start to look at disks and when a webpage as the model number I’ll see my notes related to it.

Anyone? Why do we not have this?