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Chili Peppers and Clams

After moving to Denmark we have got some food problems!! Yes food problems. It seems almost impossible to get fresh Anaheim (or New Mexico) Chili and Poblano Chili – two of our favorite “vegetables” 😉 .. and canned clams, hard clams, for making Clam Chowder (San Francisco style naturally).

Clams we probably can get fresh (have not tried yet) or maybe in Germany, where the itailan (yes they use them too) food sources are more readily avalible.

Santa Fe

We didn’t actually plan to go to Santa Fe, but four years ago we went on vacation here and liked it so much that we decided that after all that bus trouble we wanted to drop Big Bend National Park in Texas and drive directly to Santa Fe to stay for a few days. The town is so pretty with all the old (and new!) adobe houses and chile ristras hanging from every other beam.


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