Santa Fe

We didn’t actually plan to go to Santa Fe, but four years ago we went on vacation here and liked it so much that we decided that after all that bus trouble we wanted to drop Big Bend National Park in Texas and drive directly to Santa Fe to stay for a few days. The town is so pretty with all the old (and new!) adobe houses and chile ristras hanging from every other beam.


In Santa Fe we didn’t see many new things, but instead took some time to just hang around – oh, and eat some of this really tasty South Western, or New Mexican food. We went to Ten Thousand Waves to sit in the hot tub and sauna (nice and warm – it had turned chilly the day before), we have been at the Georgia O’Keeffe museum and we went to the Tea House a few times 😉 .. best was their Mexican Chocolate Cake (with a good pinch of chile powder .. of course).

Here the food is all about chiles – red chiles, green chiles or both (aka “Christmas”). We have got steak rubbed with chile, green chile stew, chicken and green chiles – even Felix asked to get red chile sauce to his soft blue corn taco .. and he said that it was not too hot 😉

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