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Munich Marathon

In the year 1987 and I was embarrassed with myself over being afraid that I could not run 4k, so I got myself a pair of running shoes and started the challenge and ran my first planned run – 1k out and back (so totally 2k). I don’t remember any longer how much I walked, but I only know that I keep up the running and only after 6-8 months where I had kept running I suddenly liked what I did.

Four years later I ran a ran a marathon – in Hamburg, Germany, but otherwise I’m kept to maximum a half marathon. Until this year.


I just finished the Munich Marathon in a very satisfying time of 3 hours and 54 minutes. This is just about 30 minutes slower than 23 years earlier. Not bad at all 🙂

21,1 km – 8 seconds

Sunday it was the day where we were going to run a half marathon again. Granted I’m not sure I would have done it if Sabine hadn’t been pushing me a bit .. and if not for the fact that they also had a race for children where Felix could run his first race on his own (legs). Anyway, Sabine had us all signed up to run at the Hannover Marathon this weekend.

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First run


The time is 11:59 and it’s almost time to run now .. looking down, Felix checks his shoes; yes, it’s the new ones. White, with stripes on the side, and looking good on the feet. We got them just the other day, to prepare for the run today. The mandatory “before” picture is taken, while he is seriously hoping, that they will forget the” after” shot!
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First race

We did it .. after many km/miles sitting in the baby jogger, Felix now finally get to run his own race – May the 2nd. The race is called “Kinder Lauf” (childrens run) .. a mind boggling 1,2km (3/4 mile) long race held the day before the Hannover Marathon. As good parents we also bought running shoes for him, so now about the only thing he can talk about is when the race is.

Oh well, and we signed ourselves up for the half marathon – first race of the year.