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1% of the Internet crashed the other day …

You might have read this in some newspaper, though unless you are very unlucky I doubt you really noticed, but a few routers stopped work the way they were suppose to and caused failures in the control information in the Internet.

You can read more on HITECHfourm. If you read the article, or scroll down near the end, you see they say “it will happen again”.

The scary thing is that they are so right. The Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) was not made to handle errors in the data stream, and if they did happen it did basically use the ejection seat (imagine your car not having a break, but an ejection seat instead .. wuuuuussshhhhh).

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Jpeg Info

In the spirit of helping I’m trying to post old articles again in on my website. Links below does not work, but here is the text about my Jpeg /Exif “investigations” 9 years ago 🙂

Recently someone asked me for a program to rename jpeg files, so they would contain the date as a part of the file name. Naive as I am, I thought that this would be an easy task, so I offered to help. I just didn’t know if he wanted to use the file date or the “current date” when attaching the date to the file name.

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