It was back in October 2002 I last published this page. Some people are still asking for these tools, so here they are for you to use.



SMSTools v. 1.0 (903k) (2002-03-21) (FW)

This is a collection of small SMS programs. It’s free, but don’t expect any updateds/source/support etc. If you like it, use it. If you don’t like it, delete it.I finally made this collection avalible after lot’s of questions about the avalibility of such tools, but as I said, expect no support – I don’t have enough time for that.



Delphi Source

JpegDate v. 1.4 (40k) (2002-10-24) (FW)

This program let you rename your digital pictures, taken with a digital camera,
to a file name contaning the date which you actually took the picture. Yes you can
do that, since a sub format under Jpeg let the camera store additional information
inside the picture.You can read more about my “journey” into the information stored in a jpeg file on
my Jpeg Info page.




Decimal v. 1.4 (23k) (050298) (FW)

This program offer the ability to change the character used as decimal separator on the numeric keyboard. The default character is a comma, and it can the be changed into a punktuation when toggling the character.

The program put itself into the Win95/NT40 tray, and offer beside the access through this icon also a “quick change” key combination.

New: Version 1.4 Remember its last setting by startup.

Language : English.

WARNING: I have had quite a lot of people who really wanted to use this nice utility,
but ran into exceptions etc. when using it. I’m of cource very sorry to hear
this, but do not have a solution at the moment. The problem does only occur
together with some programs, so I will really suggest, if you would
like to use the program, that you test it without any vital data and
only use it if it works for you!

I have positive responce about using it with AutoCad, but negative
with Pro Engineer.




SMService v. 1.03 (322k) (120996) (FW/Demo)
This is a Windows program to send messages via the Short Message Service, which the thelephone companies in Denmark are offering.

The current version is 1.03 (also found on some BBS’s as SMS103.ZIP).

Language : Danish.

See also : A ERMES page




Text editor v. (197k) (011098) (FW)

I needed more functions in my notepad, so I have made TEXT – a text editor.

The program is a Windows 95 program, and have options like Search, Incremental Search, Replace, Merge, Stay on top, convert to and from html chars etc. The help file is not avalible (but so what?), and the Print(er) function(s) is not there while my printer is (still) not working.

Language : English.




Mini Installation program. v. 1.0 (93k) (120996) (FW)

Windows program for “copying” files to a dir on the HD, expanding compressed files and creating Program Manager groups.

Language : Custom (dafault : Danish).



AutoCad 12< ?

Hammer ver. 0.1 (0,8k) (140297) (FW)

This is not really a program, and that is also the reasin why it is here in the bottom of the list of programs. It is a script-program for AutoCad® (version 12 and bigger I think) which makes objects in a AutoCad drawing flat. I do not know much about AutoCad (and it is now a bit over a year since I worte the script), but a friend of mine is using it (he ordered it)!

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