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Merry Christmas

To everyone who should happen to read my blog, also the ones who read it kind of late, Marry Christmas.

The last year has been very interesting for us and a lot of things are still unsetteled, but things are starting to form itself for us. We are looking forward to help shape a new year.

Happy New year to every one.


Welcome to my new web site. I’m in the process of replacing my old, manually written, pages with an actual blog. If you should happen to be looking for some of the old “stuff” then feel free to send me an email, but at the moment I’ll mostly focus on new things .. like my pictures and the upcomming roadtrip!


The configuration on this website is Gallery2, WordPress and the WPG2 plugin to tie these together. I do not use an “official” WPG2 theme, but just a a widget capable theme (spotlight). The only manual changes I’ve done on the php files was to remove the gallery2 logo from the top of each page. I somehow remembered that this could be done, but could not find it and therefore I used the big hammer!
Mostly this works pretty nice, but it does appear that the server is a bit slow once in a while. I do not know if it is the MySQL db or if it is WordPress (does not look like it is gallery2).