Clam Chowder

We actually managed to find some clams at a decent price, so here comes the recipie for San Francsco style Clam Chowder. Well, it probably really is a Boston Clam Chowder but with a San Francisco twist (a sourdough bread bowl).

200 g Canned clams, cooked and chopped (dry weight)
250 g Bacon, diced
300 g Potatoes, diced
1 L Milk
2   Onions, diced
1   Bayleaf

Take a large (eg. 4L) pot and fry the bacon crispy. Take out the bacon (yes, keep for later) and pour out some of the fat (how much? your choice). Add the onions to the pot and fry them .. you know how long .. add the potatoes and fry a bit more. Add salt/pepper and the bayleaf (ever heard of “the secret ingredient” – do not forget it!). Cover with milk – all potatoes must be well covered .. about 1L .. use more if you like.

Cook until the potatoes are done (~20min)

Throw away the bayleaf (do not forget – it is not compatible with a blender). Take out some of the potatoes (about 1/3, or so).

Now, with a stick blender, blend the soup.

Add the reserved potatoes, the bacon, the clams and the clam juice (at least some of it, all if you like – be aware that it can be somewhat salty and take care that there is no sand in it). If you think the soup is too thick, you can still add more milk.

Now, if you are to do it right, you need to go find yourself a sourdough bread bowl to serve the soup in.

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