Felix’ bed

I promised in the in the introduction to find pictures of Felix’s bed in the bus. Here they come.



The bed is made up by 3+1 bungee cords, one wooden plate, three spare pieces of wood, a long stick, a mattress and two denim blackout curtains.


How to mount it:

1.      Turn the two captains chairs so they face each other.

2.      Attach a bungee cord at each side of the bus.

3.      Attach one bungee cord between the two others – in the top.

4.      Take the stick and put it between the two chairs so that it provide a guard.

5.      Take the first blackout curtain and snap it to the three bungee cords and let it drape over the guard stick.

6.      Take three tree spare pieces of wood and attach them (using Velcro) on the backside of the wooden plate (they are so the plate will lay level on the chairs – they are not flat).

7.      Now place the plate on the chairs, on top of the draped curtain.

8.      Add the mattress

9.      Add animals to comfort.




Now you might say that there is still the one bungee cord and one blackout curtain left – and yes you are right. To give Felix some privacy we have added a second curtain – attach the last bungee to the two rings at the top of the bus and hang the second curtain.













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