Google Voice and a US number

Here is my quick guide to a Google Voice account and a US number terminated at my home phone.

You will need a SIP account to which you have connected your home number … at this point I just assume that you have that.

Getting a US phone number is quite easy, if you do not care about the area code. You can go to where you can get a number and get it forwarded to your existing SIP account (the only issue is that you must use it once month or you will loose it).

To get Google Voice you need an US IP address. One way to get that is to use the Hotspot Shield service to get a “protected” connection before you sign up for Google Voice. After signing up you do not any longer need the US IP address, so you can safely disconnect the Hotspod Shield “protected” connection”.

In Google Voice you now pick the area code of your choice and set it to always call the number you were assigned by IPKALL.

There you go. A US number terminated in your local SIP phone and with a Google Voice interface.

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