Saguaro National Park

Saguaro National Park is split into a large, but a bit inaccessible, east park and a smaller, more accessible west park. We decided to go to the west and found a really nice county park – complete with prickly pear cacti and saguaro – just outside the national park where we could camp.


We drove a bit down a loop drive (dirt road) where we parked to let Felix get his nap (like in White Sands).


Unfortunately we (again) didn’t have much luck with him falling asleep, but we had a great place for sunset pictures.

This park also closes (half an hour after sunset), but where White Sands has a ranger in a car driving around getting people out, they just closed the entry to the one-way loop drive (we could easily get out of the loop drive about 2 hours after sunset).

Felix went to sleep just 15 minutes after we stated driving, and he slept so tight that he didn’t notice that we drove to the campground, made his bed, put his PJ’s on, put him to bed – and cooked dinner right next to his bed. He slept, without waking up a single time, until the next morning around 8. I guess he was tired.

The second day we went to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. We expected a small, sleepy, museum with a few cacti and some displays, but found a really interesting “botanical garden” and zoo – all about the local habitat. They had Coyotes, Javelina (some pig like animal), bobcats, mountain lions, snakes, fishes, bees, hummingbirds and their star – the Gila Monster – along with a cactus garden and many other displays of native plants. It was so interesting that we actually used most of the day here .. and we didn’t even see it all.

Naturally Felix got to get his nap very late, and he didn’t want to let himself go to sleep – when he finally did it was actually too late, but we had promised him that we would grill sausages that evening .. so we did; according to Felix sausages are worth getting up for 😉

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