White Sands National Monument

The sand in White Sand is actually .. white. It is really fine, white sand and it is a lot of fun to play in it.


We drove from Santa Fe to a small state park about 20 miles away from White Sands. The state park is very scenic and the first evening we slept with a great view over the valley.


The next day we drove into the park (which, btw, was closed until 9:30 due to missile testing at the nearby missile range test facility…), where we found a nice spot to park next to the dunes. From here we could play in the sand, go take pictures or just sit and enjoy the view.


In the afternoon we put Felix in his bed, for the requisite afternoon nap, but he was just too excited to be able to go to sleep. We had promised to wake him up after his nap, so he could see the sunset, but I guess that wasn’t enough to make him go to sleep. Sunset is quite spectacular, turning the sand first buttercup yellow, then orange and finally a purplish – blue color, that looks otherworldly


We were the last people to leave the park, which closes an hour after sunset, and of course Felix fell asleep when we were driving out of the park. Back at the campsite he was not really happy to be woken up to get his dinner, but as usual he took it nice anyway.

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