Mobile Data in Italy

We went on a trip to Italy this summer, and the one thing we were wondering was how to have mobile data access while there. It’s not that we are big consumers of data features “out and about”, but maps sure is cool and the occasional mail or even Facebook posting while on the go is always nice.

While roaming, and data roaming, as gotten less expensive over the years, it’s till no match to getting a prepaid card. We got a 10 EUR Wind GSM card with 5 EUR usage and a refill of another 10 EUR – a grand of total 20 EUR, but only due to the refill minimum being 10 EUR as we only needed to fill one EUR to get the 2GB data .. They may have cheated me for 9 EUR, but 20 EUR is still cheap.

The only catch (imho) is that you can not get this before arriving. Find any large mall or similar (MediaWorld) which has a Wind representative and they probably can speak English and help you (I had friendly service and was out of the door in 15 minutes). Be ready to show your passport as they need a picture ID.

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