Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

On a recent trip to Italy I took this picture of the small costal twon of Vernazza and while I like it I was somewhat suprised about the number of people liking it on 500px.

Vernazza, Italy

Cinque Terre is five villages on the west coast of Italy close to Pisa. Here a coastal path chain these villages together (when open) and you can hike from Riomaggiore in the south to Monterosso in the north. The image below is from Vernazza which is the second to last on the path. Unfortunately for us all paths but the one from Corniglia to Vernazza was closed. We had hoped to take three sections, but maybe this was not a bad thing after all. Our 3 year old son got to hike on his own feet the whole way, which was a big feeling of success for him.

The path from Vernazza north to Monterosso was closed (no idea why), but a few hikers had walked trough so I took the chance and went up the viewpoint above the village.

This is an amazing place and with almost no other people it was a special feeling to stay here see the sun fade away behind us and leave Vernazza to the night.

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