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Arrived in Boston

After a long days’ drive we arrived in Boston for another try at City Tourism. Unfortunately Sabine’s foot hurts a bit after walking through Chicago in too fancy shoes, what can you say about that?!!!


We have now driven more than 6000 miles (9600 km) and taken more than 2000 pictures ..

Niagara Falls

We drove over to the Canadian side to see the Niagara Falls. The warnings we had gotten was that it was very commercial, not much to do with nature, not really worth it – and if you want to see it, go to the Canadian side.

Our campground was only half an hour away, so it was an easy drive over. We were there around 10am and it was a bit cloudy and there were not really that many tourists. Sure there were people at the “Maid of the Mist” trip etc, but not more than we would have expected. Sure the falls are basically in the town, but none the less it is amazing!


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Upstate New York

Yesterday was a funny day. I already told about Cleveland, but after updating the blog we sat a bit doing stuff in the bus while Felix was sleeping .. and it was getting a bit late. We started the drive to the campground and Felix wok up – just as we started to drive we saw a shopping center and opted for the easy dinner – Italian food!

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We’re now in Cleveland, Ohio – you might have heard about the ”Burning River” years ago. That was here. You might also have heard about Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame – that is hear. The city has cleaned up and the river is no longer burning; parts of the waterfront areas have been filled with expensive buildings (like the Hall of Fame), but besides that I think it was a bit of a letdown.


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Our first real stop on the trip was the village of Supai down in Grand Canyon (link). There has been a flood in the Supai area and many people were rescued out via helicopter.

You can read more on Associated Press (English) and Jylland Posten (Danish)

At this time it sounds like everyone is safe in Supai, but the people living in Supai and the tourists must have gotten quite a scare. We’re happy this didn’t happen while we where there.

In Chicago

After South Dakota we went to Iowa. Most of Iowa around I-80 actually has landscape very much like in Denmark. There are many places where I’d easily make that mistake if it wasn’t for the buildings (and a slightly warmer weather). The most striking difference is, however, the distances. In Denmark you would get some changes in the landscape after maybe 50 miles (80km) – here it was just the same for 100s of miles.


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Yellowstone is known for Old Faithful, The Grand Canyon of theYellowstone (and the waterfall), its hot springs and for its wildlife. On the first day we took a drive to Mammoth Hot Springs, and hoped to at least see some Elk when we were there as that was “Elk Country”. On the way up north we even passed “Bear Country”, but we saw neither elk nor bears at the hot springs – only hot springs with the yummy rotten eggs smell that goes with them.


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Grand Teton National Park

Arriving in Teton from Rocky Mountain meant driving for quite a while with the Tetons in the distance – that was a nice view.


The first day we went down to the little tourist town south of Grand Teton National Park called Jackson to hang out. It is a nice little place with everything moose you can imagine. I guess you can imagine that we didn’t buy much 😉 . On the way back to the campground we tried to stop to take some pictures from the Snake River Overlook. There was still too much light to really get a decent picture, but I think we got a reasonable shot anyway (the one above).

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