Disney World

When we left for Disney, Sunday, it was in quite a bit of rain we started driving, but before we reached Orlando it had stopped raining. Unfortunately the weather forecast said that during the next two days we were supposed to have more of the same.

To avoid being in the park(s) in the rain we decided to stay at the campground for another two days, and then visit the parks Wednesday and Thursday. The campground doesn’t have too much Disney stuff and is very nice, so it was not a hard thing to do to stick around for another two days. Monday it didn’t rain and we managed to go to Downtown Disney (we like Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA, better after all; it has more small shops and is nicer for browsing), to the pool at the campground and to the campfire sing-along with Chip’n’Dale (Dansk: Chip og Chap) – Felix’s two new big friends. Not bad for an off day. Tuesday night the rain came, but it was over in the morning. Unfortunately, Sabine started that day by breaking one of her contact lenses and we tried to get another one, but without a prescription no one wanted to help us – she decided that her glasses had to be good enough for now. In the evening we went to the outdoor movie theater, at the campground, to watch The Emperor’s New Groove and to make S’mores at the campfire – not nearly as bad as I expected … in fact pretty good, but then again Sabine also had bought 70% chocolate (sorry, Mona).

Wednesday we went to the Magic Kingdom (basically the same as Disney Land in Anaheim, CA) and the first order of the day was to visit Mickey – order from Felix 😉


We really liked the Magic Kingdom and we had a really good day with all the rides – Felix managed to get into all the 40” (102 cm) rides – so we did Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Railroad and pretty much all the kiddie rides. Toon Town in Anaheim is better though – it has more of the funny stuff, like small cars and houses, which the kids can play with. Here in Orlando there are playgrounds and the character houses, but it misses the feeling of a “crazy” place like Anaheim has.


We got ice cream and we stayed to watch the evening parade and the fireworks.


That evening we were very, very tired when we came back to the campground. We all, but especially Felix, fell asleep quickly – and the next day it was time for the Animal Kingdom. A Disney vacation is not for whimps 😉

Animal Kingdom is another Disney park – it has many of the characters from Disney in a zoo – like setting. We went on a nice safari ride through the african savanne, with no fences – I actually found it nice to see the animals without all the walkways and glass walls. However, as zoo it is a bit sparsely populated. It also had some rides, but not as many as the Magic Kingdom. One was under repair, one Felix was too small for (Sabine took a solo ride and almost got her stomach turned for her…), one was a flying dinosaur (not that interesting) and one was a River Rapid (think wet) ride, which we all liked since it was a warm day. Instead we got to see two very nice musicals – The Lion King and Finding Nemo.

Naturally they also had a place to meet all the characters, and Felix got to see Chip’n’Dale again (he didn’t know what was to come that evening).


For this evening we had been buying tickets for Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (on the campground ), where Mickey, Mini, Goofy (Dansk: Fedtmule) and Chip’n’Dale came to dance for, and with, the audience.


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