Bryce Canyon Half Marathon

The other day we started to look for races (runs) at the places we expect to be on our trip – thinking maybe we can find a 10k somewhere we could run while on the road. The first major city we are at is Denver .. nothing was found there, but just for fun we searched for all the smaller places as well and we found, to our suprise, a half marathon in Bryce Canyon. Now I’m the one who always says that you can always run a half marathon, but over the last 8-9 months I’ve run no more than once a week and I do not think I’ve run more than 7 miles (11km) - so no more than half the distance – and this one startes up in 7652ft (2332m)! Ok, granted it does drop with 1852ft (564m).

I’ve just registered us for the race – Sabine does not know yet, but I’m sure she will be very happy. They do not say anything about strollers, so we’ll just assume what is not forbitten directly is allowed and expect to be able to run with Felix. Training you would ask? I do not think we’ll be able to train, but we will have two really hard hikes in the weeks before, so let us hope this will prepare us for the run 🙂

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