Daily Archives: Thursday, July 24, 2008

Zion and Bryce

Zion was mostly a place to hang out and rest – and so we did. The first day we took the shuttle, there are no cares in Zion Canyon, to the lodge and got our lunch at the lodge under a huge cottonwood tree. The second day we ran from the end of the canyon (The Temple of Sinavawa down to the campground – about 8 miles (13km) – as our only preparation for the Bryce Canyon Half Marathon.

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Arrived in Mesa Verde

The last tank of gas was for the drive from Bryce Canon to Capitol Reef and again to Mesa Verde (or at least mostly). Since both went quite a bit uphill (to Capitol Reef we had a 45 minute uphill to 2900 m/9670 feet) we expcted the fuel economy to tank, but we still stayed above 15.5MPG/6,5km/L.