Daily Archives: Sunday, July 13, 2008

Just the beginning

At present we are in Grand Canyon National Park and expect to continue to Zion NP the 13th. We have driven almost 1100 miles (1760km) and so far our gas mileage is better than expected. The first three tanks of gas have brought us over the Sierras and through the heat and still we have done 16.2 MPG (6,8 km/L) – this is pretty good, but we also tried to drive carefully pretty much all the way.


Below is a map of where we have driven so far. A bit of driving is missing because a) I forgot to turn on the GPS logger and b) it went out of power while driving.


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Gadget bag

It is fun to plan such a trip and it is fun to play with thing you can use for such a trip – so we naturally have a number of gadgets with us for good use and for fun. First of all I wanted a good computer, with a fairly large screen for picture viewing and editing with us. It needed a big screen, so a 17” would be a natural choice, but we also wanted something reasonably handy around the bus and other places. Since I had a Lenovo T60p at work, with a 15” wide screen, I ended up with the same one (well, a T61p), with the extra large battery, for the trip. We did also consider getting an extra large, external, hard disk for picture backup, but ended up with just using DVDs to have a copy of the images.

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