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SMService v/ Hoofddorp

SMService version Hoofddorp is my main product, which I have invested a lot of time i - but what is it?

SMService - version Hoofddorp - is a Windows 95/NT4.0 developer library (API), for sending messages via the UCP protocol, to ERMES pagers (including GSM mobil phones).

The SMService API version 2.00 consist of the following functions

  • Full API for programs which want to send SMS messages via the ERMES protocol.
  • Fully integrated into Windows 95/NT4.0.
  • Use all modems via the TAPI interface.
  • Support for configuration via the Control Panel.
  • Silent or visible mode for sending.
  • Options can be set by user via a dialog, or by a program via a SMService API call.
  • Window where a user can write a new message which should be send.
  • Free choice and configuration of UCP gateway.
Upcomming functions in the next version
(note that all user will get a free update).
  • Supports more message types in the ERMES protocol.
  • Can include your telephone number as sender, when sending a message.
  • Supports the TAP protocol - with autodetect.
  • TAP user id / password support.
  • A more flexible API for integration in your own programs.
  • Possibility of not using the Windows telephone numbertranslation - especially good if you will use a special call-by-call provider for you SMS calls.
The SMService Hoofddorp is a DLL, with a set of support files free for use. Via the SMService API it is possible to configure the SMService interface. This can be done with, or without user intervension. When letting the user configure the SMService interface, it can be be done via the smsOptions dialog.

The user can also select the gateway which should be used for sending messages. This is a sub function of the dialog smsOptions, or if the user should not be bothered, via the the functions smsGetOptions and smsSetOptions.

The user or the programmer can select that a visible indication of sending in progress should happen, as well as silent sending.

The SMService API comes with a set of support files. One support file is a Control Panel Applet which can be registered so the Control Panel gives the user an easy way of setting the SMService functionallity up.

Other support programs is SMSTray, SMSConfig and SMSMessage.

SMSNew and SMSConfig is programs which calls functions inside the SMService API DLL directly, but the SMSTray program sits itself into the tray, for easy access to the SMService functions.

When sending a message, and the visible-option is selected, a send-window will be visible during a send-session, where the user will be informed about what is happening at any moment during the transmission.

The package also includes other functions, like a standard message input-window, where the user can enter a message and send to one or more persons.

If you would like to know more about SMService v/ Hoofddorp, then please e-mail me. The SMService API is at the moment in the phase of being extended with new functions, but as stated above, all useres of version 2.00 vil get a free update.

Copyright © 1998-2003 by Martin Djernæs, all rights reserved.